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Time Will Tell, Down by the Back River Light, No More Indians
Be sure to see the reader review from Jay C. Hardin on Time Will Tell- "This well researched and skillfully crafted story is based upon historical fact--the mysterious night time burial of the crew of a German U-boat in Hampton, Virginia's National Cemetery in the early days of World War II. The book paints an accurate picture of the mood and lives of the people in small town America during the war and includes numerous vintage photographs that help to recreate the era. An interesting feature of the narrative is the use of italic print to indicate the thoughts of the book's main character, Julia Keegan. Although presented from a woman's point of view, the story contains enough swash-buckling aspects to keep it exciting for male readers as well. I highly recommend this book for a fascinating read."

Bookstores, please contact Authorhouse at 888-280-7715 if you are interested in carrying Time Will Tell. Down by The Back River Light can be ordered through Ingram Publishing Services.



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