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group discussion questions

Dear Readers:

Let’s talk about Virginia Indians - feel free to address these questions in regards to the Indians from your area.

  1. Are there Indian people who live in Virginia today?
  2. Do they all live on reservations?
  3. Do they practice the religion and customs of their ancestors?
  4. What language do they speak? And how do they dress?
  5. Was Pocahontas the only Indian girl to marry one of the European settlers?
  6. How did the Indians and the black people get along?
  7. Why wouldn’t an Indian want to be classified as a colored or mongrel?
  8. Is it legal to change birth records?
  9. What was the purpose of the Anglo-Saxon Club of Virginia?
  10. Does the Anglo-Saxon Club still exist?
  11. Why were there no Indian children from Virginia registered at Hampton Institute?
  12. Do Indian people have to pay taxes? Why, or why not?
  13. What is a treaty and how can a government ignore such agreements?
  14. Some things happened long ago. Why should they concern us today?

PDF version of questions


No More Indians Cover

Our school textbooks need to tell the story of our State Registrar, Walter Plecker, who altered the birth records of the American Indian people living in the Commonwealth.

Thanks for reading!