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No book on earth has lied more sincerely than my ol’ Virginia Text

No More Indians

In the year 2007 the United States celebrated the birth of this Nation.

Visitors from all across the country and from nations around the world came to Jamestown, Virginia to see the site of the first settlement in the New World.

Is it surprising that when the organizers of the events surrounding this 400th Anniversary invited the Native Americans to join in the celebrating, they were hesitant? The birth of this Nation, was the beginning of the end of their Nation.

The Indian people of Virginia were the first to encounter Europeans who would set up colonies on their land. They had welcomed trade with these foreign people, but the purpose of the colonists was a threat to their existence. Stories of the fate of Indian tribes in other parts of the country are well known. What became of Powhatan’s people is skipped over. They seem to have just disappeared. After a lot of attention being given to the marriage of Pocahontas and John Rolfe, the wife’s people are hardly mentioned in American textbooks. Some texts tell of the deceitful Opechacanough who pretended to be friendly towards the settlers, when all the time, he was planning to ambush them.

While No More Indians is the truth about what happened to the Indians of Virginia, the book also reveals information about the Jim Crow laws, the racial integrity laws, sterilization laws and the great drive to eliminate defective citizens.

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No MOre Indians


In the early 1900s two Virginia gentlemen carried out what we know today was paper genocide.


Elite white people thought little of the disappearance of Indians from our census records. It was a tiime when bigotry was acceptable and compassion was hard to find.