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Non-fiction is Fictitious...

think about what you read in the history books

It is commonly agreed, history is written by the victor. Author, Ann Davis, asserts that there is no such thing as absolute non-fiction. Most history books and, certainly, textbooks are slanted to please the powers that be. Non-fiction historical books often omit some of the most valuable lessons that history could teach us. Offering facts that distort, rather than explaining the complexities of events, these histories come up with conclusions that go unquestioned by the reader.
Ann chooses to write historical fiction as it allows the author to explore the varied perspectives that surround events. She sees it as a means of making history more meaningful to the reader. Ann tells the reader which characters she has created to bring the story to life. She does not seek to over-dramatize, but only to help the reader to personally relate to the story and determine for him/her self the pros and cons of what happened.

There are as many truths to history as there were persons touched by it. Ann studies history with her heart and her mind. Based on research and interviews, Ann writes historical fiction seeking an accurate portrayal of the people and times of earlier eras.

Buckroe Beach - Vacationland Image During the 20th century there was
a popular beach on the Virginia peninsula called Buckroe.  
Only a few people remember
that this beach was divided
by a fence.
When Seagulls Fly Inland
tells of the fence and the terrible storm that turned
many vacation homes into splinters.  



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