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Author explores local history

Thank you for your interest in my books. As a native and current resident of Hampton, Virginia I was struck by the underlying history that is at my doorstep. As I set out to write my first book about the glory days during WWII, I uncovered a deeper story that was unlike what I had pictured growing up. As I dove into my research and interviewed some of the most amazing people, a different story took shape. Thus began my deeper interest in history from various viewpoints. Although my stories take place here in South East Virginia, know that there are stories across America and the World of real people who shaped the way things are today.

Ann Davis PictureI am a mother of three and grandmother of six, I started my career as a writer late in life. History has always meant more than names and dates to me. It is about how the average person lived though extraordinary events.

I enjoy making presentations based on the research I have done for my books. I have enjoyed speaking to school classes, clubs and large groups. Please contact me regarding scheduling.



Ann's newest book, "Along the Road to Hell for Certain Creek" is now available!